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This is a PSA for those who have never heard of this beautiful show. This show is called Red Band Society and it’s about a bunch of dying kids yay fun times right?! Basically you’ve got your cancer patients, your anorexic, your girl with a failing heart, your boy with failing lungs, and the whole wonderful thing is narrated by a twelve year old in a coma.

This show delves into many different kinds of relationships between not only the children, but their doctors as well. Parental, platonic, romantic, you’ve got it all and they’re all beautiful.

Unfortunately this wonderful show is not getting notice and it is very possible that it will be cancelled. So if you haven’t seen it, maybe try it out? I thought it would be alright, but I was bored and slightly interested so I checked it out and I’m so glad I did because it’s my new favourite show! I really think it’s something almost anyone will love, and it’s so unique.

I’m such a great person I’ll even help you get started:

  • you can watch the ENTIRE THING here
  • S01E01 - Pilot
  • S01E02 - Sole Searching
  • S01E03 - Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
  • S01E04 - There’s No Place Like Homecoming
  • S01E05 - So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want

I’m just kind of begging you guys to give this show a chance because I don’t think it deserves to be cancelled and I think y’all will love it <3

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 #that moment he can’t believe girls are actually coming up to talk to him now #and he’s all yay omg what do i do. do i just say hi and just sign this for her? what do i say? #you’re a nice looking dame… i mean woman… no lady.. no that’s so dumb rogers shut up #omg what would bucky do… no wait i can’t do that #and then he just smiles shyly signs her paper and then awkwardly watches her walk away


"After All These Years" + scenery

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He went from zero to love in like sixty seconds.

“Sometimes, I think you like getting punched.”

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just who are you, Swan?

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“Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” 
― Stephen King on JK Rowling and Harry Potter

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captain swan in 4.04 ‘the apprentice’ aka ‘the cs date episode’ or ‘the one where the fandom dies’ 

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inspired by [x]

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Korra and the ladies of the Beifong family

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